springfield xdm 9mm compact owners manual

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I canon ixus 55 manual pdf didnt experience a single failure to feed or fire.
Unless the XD-Ms grip safety is depressed, the slide wont move more than half an inch (I know the feeling).
Overall Rating * * * * Not perfect, but close enough for government work.Reliability rounds and counting; everything and anything, all the time, every time.But once I seated my thumb properly, my shooting improved dramatically.All I know is that my XD-M groups are as tight as Tower of Power if I stand still.I trusted the XD-M with my life.Between the time I opened the XD-Ms practical, pride-inducing gun case to the moment I handed the XD-M to Adam to test fire, Id put more than a thousand rounds through Springfields 9mm semi-automatic pistol.Upside: shorter dwell time.She nodded, and moved on to other topics.But theres still no beating those squishy aftermarket no-slip rubber grips.Only until you realize the required routine.

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Specifications : Caliber : 9mm, magazines : Two 19-round, stainless steel, barrel :.8 steel, Melonite, fully-supported ramp Sights : Dovetail front and rear (steel) 3-dot Trigger Pull:.5.7 lbs.
Downside: the XD-M.8s shorter barrels shorter sight radius, combined with not-my-friend standard issue white dot sights, makes it harder to acquire a target.Again, no problem (save financial damage). .Theres no coming back.For one thing, a combat gun shouldnt have any more features than it needs, to reduce the chance of anything going wrong.Paper Target as fast I could muster.Still, Im willing to forgive and remember. .