the mummy returns game full version

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Processor Type: Pentium(r) 266 MHz.
M, filed in: Horror, tags: free download, full version.Taking a third-person perspective, the player guides Rick O'Connor-the hero of the movie-through pyramids ea sports nfs most wanted game and mazes, fighting various villains, living skeletons and Scarab beetles while collecting treasure and solving puzzles along the way.Download Links: Download The Mummy Game, privacy Policy, copyright Policy.This game is based on the movie of the same name and follows the story of an Egyptian Emperor who betrayed his master as he was sentenced to mummification in 1290BC.His soul is reawakened by some archaeologists and wreaks havoc upon the land.The playing arenas are vast, all with source lighting so as not to reveal too much to the player.

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RAM: 32 MB 809 MB of uncompressed disk space.
The graphics are excellent, with cut sequences placed between each level to reveal more of the game's plot.
Once dispatching the mummies and escaping Hell, OConnell goes in any to search out additional undead minions, these wearing blue and gold trimmings and prove more durable to kill than the mummies, requiring 3 strikes of the weapon system.A Place Where You Get All Your Favorite Games For Free.System Requirements For This Game, windows Xp, Vista,7,8, cpu: Intel Pantium.0 GHZ.The player then takes over as Rick OConnell, UN agency is situated within the catacombs of Hamunaptra and begins creating his method through the tunnels, killing off thieves and taking any artifacts he will notice.The Mummy, like its celluloid brother, is action-packed and fun to play.