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His books are full of tips, tricks and innovationssome passed down from others, some his own discoveries.
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Unfortunately, I don't see many 6:1 purchases around, although these and more powerful systems are available.
These systems will help optimize mid-boom sheeting controls; most work equally well with bridgedeck and end-boom configurations.The same applies to the traveler-car bearings.This is where a single recirculating traveler control line makes a lot of sense.Keep the lead fair, because the traveler line is one part of the larger system, and all components have to work together.Learn how to "flick" the line to pop it out of the cam, even when it's heavily loaded.Wed love your help.Details (if other Thanks for desktop games cricket for pc telling us about the problem.Must-read books include Rigger's Apprentice, Rigger's Locker, and the Complete backend dll 8.1 11.67 Rigger's Apprentice.He got hooked on drawing at Harvard University and later taught in a one-room schoolhouse, dug clams, and worked in a fish factory to support his habit.

Cam cleats with swiveling and nonswiveling bases can increase working angles, some to nearly 180 degrees.
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That's a lot of work for all but the strongest sailor.
Equally at home with modern or traditional rigging, Toss continues to pursue the challenge of designing The Ideal Rig-that unique combination of details best suited to a particular boat and its particular crew.
The forces required to move the car up the track equal 20 of the clew load.Fairlead cleats/uncleats to 90 degrees.Depending on how your boat is laid out, or how elaborate you want to make your system, you might be able to lead the traveler lines under the cockpit coaming and have them reappear near the helm station.For a cruising boat, I think a load of 35 pounds (16 kg) is a good number.Editor's Note: Brion Toss is a master rigger with an incredible knowledge of his trade.Then either pull or ease the line that runs to the windward cam.