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Blackarch-forensic memfetch.05b Dumps any userspace process memory without affecting its execution.Blackarch-wireless atftp.7.1 Client/server implementation of the tftp protocol that implements RFCs 1350, 2090, 2347, 2348, and 2349 blackarch-networking athena-ssl-scanner.6.2 A SSL cipher scanner that checks all cipher codes.Light mineral oil ( paraffinum perliquidum ) is used as a honing oil when sharpening edge tools (such as chisels) on abrasive oil stones.Blackarch-webapp vuls 575.fecd1ad Vulnerability scanner for Linux/FreeBSD, agentless, written.Blackarch-exploitation katsnoop.1 Utility that sniffs http Basic Authentication information and prints the base64 decoded form.Blackarch-networking aphopper.3 A program that automatically hops between access points of different wireless networks.Blackarch-scanner binnavi.1.0 A binary analysis IDE that allows to inspect, navigate, edit and annotate control flow graphs and call graphs of disassembled code.Blackarch-windows dumpusers.0 Dumps account names and information even though RestrictAnonymous has been set.Blackarch-webapp yaf.8.4 Yet Another Flowmeter.

Blackarch-windows httprint 301 A web server fingerprinting tool.
Blackarch-scanner fhttp.3 This is a framework for http related attacks.
Blackarch-crypto hashpump.314268e A tool to exploit the hash length extension attack in various hashing algorithms.
Blackarch-fuzzer fuzzdb b0850 Attack and Discovery Pattern Dictionary for Application Fault Injection Testing blackarch-fuzzer fuzzdiff.0 A simple tool designed to help out with stylish photo editor software crash analysis during fuzz testing.What do Chuck Norris, Liam Neeson.Blackarch-bluetooth tcgetkey.1 A set of tools that deal with acquiring physical memory dumps via FireWire and then scan the memory dump to locate TrueCrypt keys and finally decrypt the encrypted TrueCrypt container using the keys.Blackarch-proxy regeorg.f4db171 The successor to reDuh, pwn a bastion webserver and create socks proxies through the DMZ.Reverse shell) bypassing disable_functions open_basedir).Blackarch-automation nfsshell Userland NFS command tool.Blackarch-cracker bof-detector.e08367d A simple detector of BOF vulnerabilities by source-code-level check.