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Fonts are vector graphics.
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Fonts are covered by copyright.
Weight is the amount of artificial (programatically added) bold-ness on a scale from 100 to 1200 (where 400 is "normal antialias enables font smoothing additive tells the font to be rendered by adding its brightness to the pixels "behind it which can sometimes mean greater.Therefore, the number 5 ensures that the blurry number will be quite bright on screen.Familiarity with bitmap-authoring tools is much more prevalent than experience with vector-graphics authoring, so typically it's easier for people to create bitmap graphics.It also has a link Windows users will appreciate, a freeware "light" version editor that is easy to set up and use, it is a light version but good enough to alter TTF files for HUD customization.Type 42 fonts are the TrueType font file sections wrapped with the necessary PostScript dictionaries to properly work in PostScript.Font Creator Program ".Your font needs to be readable at many different sizes.Read about character sets for languages other than English.Occasionally, we need more control over exactly game campfire legends babysitter how a font scales across different resolutions.Outputting TrueType fonts, trueType fonts cannot simply be sent to any PostScript device.You can for example be allowed to redistribute the font for the sole purpose of letting other people read what you wrote with.This means that the output will be different from the intent of the designer.

Modifying the CSS HUD - Making a New Font m You may also want to create a custom font for displaying text in your game.
To do this, click Start - Settings - Printers.
Valve used this to create the glyphs in HL2 and CS:S.
This is mostly important for localization.If you did not create your font from scratch, then you probably do not have the right to distribute.TypeTool is a great option for MOD teams - it's not free, but it'll save lots of headaches.Pages: 1.The outlines become corrupted and unusable.Cross platform issues, as stated earlier, the fact that TrueType fonts exist on both the Macintosh and PC platform does not guarantee that they are treated equally on both platforms.This means they can be rendered at any resolution without loss of detail.It costs about 100.To pick exact pixel sizes for a given resolution or range of resolutions, the parameter yres is added to a font's specification.To properly print the font on some printers, the PC may need to be setup to print TrueType fonts as graphics.