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Nos saldrá la siguiente pantalla donde tendremos que presionar el Botón X en Build Hybrid Firmware para iniciar la creación del Firmware Híbrido, al terminar solo presionamos nuevamente el Botón X para salir de la aplicación.
Puis créez dans ce dossier MP_root, un autre nouveau dossier nommé 100MNV01.
Firmware Híbrido creado con.61 Infinity Firmware Builder.
If this sounds like too much risk to you, please dont go any further.Run installer from xmb.Wait about 30 seconds and restart your PSP (hold your power switch up until it switches off and turn it back on).Leaks were exploited and one after the other, the firmwares fell.Step Two: File Placement, go to Settings - USB Connection.CFW.60 Minimum Edition for 01g, 02g model by neur0n - What is this?-, this is CFW work on PSP1000 and PSP2000.6.61 Infinity no es un Custom Firmware como tal, en su lugar nos permite crear e instalar un Firmware Híbrido que posteriormente nos dará la habilidad de instalar y ejecutar de forma permanente un Custom Firmware como.61 PRO-C2 o.61 LME-2.3.Dont be afraid, this is just the program doing its work.So if you screw up, Make Use Of wont be held legally liable.Youll need an unpatched copy of GTA:LCS for this method.MP_root à la racine, (donc au même niveau que le répertoire PSP.).

At the end of the update youll see an error.
PBP and drop it in X:pspgameupdate (with X: being books illegal pirates bay your PSP).
Put.60 official update at ms0 PSP/game/update/660.PBP, or let the program download it for you can use a wifi connection.
If this method does not work for you, check below for an alternative updating way.History-.6 - Change CPU clock from 199/99 to 200/100.; - Update VshMenu.As theres a lot of different variables and different ways to work with them, well be sending you up and down through this guide to the steps that matter for you.I only suggest this method if you actually own this game, dont go running to the store to get a copy.Es compatible con cualquier PSP modelo 1000, 2000, 3000 y N1000 (PSP GO!).Please test it on your own and refer to different people's test reports.Formatear la Memory Stick (No olvides respaldar tus datos antes).