veritas backup exec 10.0 manual

On the Tools menu, click Serial Numbers and Installation.
Veritas Storage Exec veritas Storage Exec is a policy based storage resource manager for controlling file and application disk usage in Microsoft Windows environments.
This option eliminates the need to manually re-install the entire operating system after a system crash.At the media sever, start Backup Exec.If you do not see one or more of your attached storage devices in the Backup Devices window when using beach head 2012 full version the Device Configuration Wizard, click the Configure Devices button.In the Domain list, select or enter the Domain name.When this check box is selected, the password entered on the Exchange Options - Set Application Defaults dialog box is used as manual flush valve for urinals sloan the password for accounts that are recreated.Because these database files are both locked and unreadable when the database is open, they will appear as Skipped in the Backup Exec Job History job log if you attempt to back them up during your normal file system backup jobs.Under the backup set, expand the shadow folder and then select the documents you want to restore.Note Advanced properties are displayed only for the media server that the Backup Exec Administration Console is connected.In the Restore to site field, type the URL of the site to which you want to restore the data.The Desktop Agent may run in the background, automatically protecting files.

For more information about file exclusion, see Including or Excluding Files for Backup Using Advanced File Selection on page 264.
Select this option to copy the data to the media in its original form.
Backs up the selected data, verifies the media, and then deletes the data from the volume.
Backing up utility partitions is recommended when a full system backup is done, such as for disaster recovery preparation.
968 Preparing to Recover from a Disaster Using IDR.Backup files are virtual media where backed up data is stored.Types of jobs include backup, restore, media rotation, resource discovery, canon power sx20 is manual report, test run, and utility jobs.76 Frequently Asked Questions.See File Grooming on page 1206 for additional information.If media is present, it is exported to the portals.Veritas Backup Exec Desktop and Laptop Option.For any given server, system state must be ordered last.