vlc player ubuntu 9.04

Then I would just have to reboot the X graphics system and I would be good.
Evolution - combines e-mail, calendar, address book, and task list management functions aMule - P2P file sharing application, transmission BitTorrent Client, bittorrent client.
So then you can imagine the look on my face when I put the Ubuntu.04 CD into the drive and booted that up and low and behold I had an 800 by 600 desktop.
Google Earth, xchat IRC - IRC client, office: OpenOffice Writer - replacement for Microsoft Word, openOffice Calc - replacement for Microsoft Excel.First install open source Linux player such as vlc or xine, mplayer etc using apt-get command: sudo apt-get install vlc xine mplayer libdvdread3.Avi - it can be played with Totem, VLC and MPlayer 2 minutes Full Screen 5MB XviD.In conclusion if Ubuntu.10 is slow for you and you think you could use some speed ups then for sure go get Ubuntu.04 or Kubuntu.04.I went through various sound output options in both VLC and in the sound settings for Ubuntu.04 and nothing seemed to fix this problem.

Video files are big, but you can compress them afterwards how you want.
This works on Ubuntu.04, it should work on Ubuntu.10 too.
This new system just pops open the package manager and you hit the install update button and youre done.
The Ubuntu community surely has to be big enough that they could have people write some tutorials or do video screencasts that would help people out with common things they might want to do in Ubuntu like sharing a folder with a Windows XP machine.I think KDE.2 clearly shows some promise for what it can do but for me there just isnt enough there as of right now to keep me using Kubuntu.Hopefully my ranting above didnt get to be too much for people but Im hoping some people in charge of these projects take some notice of these issues I have mentioned here.Adobe Reader, gnuCash - double-entry book-keeping personal finance system, similar to Quicken.I figured if KDE.2 was earth shattering I would just use Kubuntu as my main Linux Distro.As you might have noticed, a few applications are redundant, for example there are two CD/DVD burning city liberty story gta cheats applications in my list (Brasero, K3B).