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Jack meets up with her again after all these years and she's still babysitting.
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At Stan's funeral, she sings his favorite song, "The Happy Wanderer." Episodes:.23 Minister (Kevin) Hansford Rowe The minister at Stanley Walker's funeral.She wrote five novels on the theater.Episodes:.08 Jay Markus Tom Skerritt Leo's father.Dani is secretly in love with Leo.Will Grace, the hit sitcom about the romantic highs and lows of two New York friends, is reportedly returning for 10 episodes on US network NBC.Episodes:.01,.02,.03,.05,.07,.08,.09,.11,.14,.20,.23,.24, lorraine Finster, minnie Driver.They were married in Vermont last year.Episodes:.11,.25,.01 Copyright Rob Durfee Additional movie information links provided courtesy of the Internet Movie Database.Kaplan headed Jack's gay group therapy when Karen went to get help about what to do about Stanley.She often comes over for dinner and games with her husband Rob.Episodes:.16 Ellen Leigh-Allyn Baker Ellen is Grace's friend and was also her college roommate.

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They divorced a year later because Leo cheated on Grace while in Cambodia.
Dani is a colleague of Leo's, going to Guatemala with Leo to open the new Doctors Without Borders clinic.He dumps Jack and breaks his heart, and what kind of friend would Grace be if she continued to work for him.Episodes:.22 Liz Madonna crack for internet manager v4 03 indir Liz is an eccentric office manager for a company that produces 80's compilation CD's.Lorraine seems to know him by first name.Episodes:.18 Beverley Leslie Leslie Jordan After trying to steal Rosario and then showing up at the Walker's annual Valentine's weekend to taunt Karen for being ibm ultrium td3 firmware alone, Karen's archrival now shows up at the HRC gala with "business associate" Benji and tries to outbid her.Jay is a professor with a doctorate in art history.