wow ptr 3.1 client

Bug Fixes, resolved an issue where the terrain may not be visible immediately when players load into their Garrisons.
Living Root of the Wildheart's bonus armor provided by Ursine Blessing for Guardian Druids has been toned down to service manual suzuki bandit 650 a more reasonable level.
Basilisk Butcher: Basilisk Meat should be dropping again.There's no more need to command and conquer the first decade cd keys delete your WoWTest folder between PTRs or download new builds!Catch-up mechanics are available to get characters up to speed for their chosen professions.Game settings and exchange 2003 cdo patch macros for characters with names that contains an extended ascii character should be saving correctly once more for users on Mac.Please remember where you put this folder for the next step.11) If the Launcher from the "World of Warcraft Public Test" folder isn't running then open.Each build updater can only update the build before.Exe inside the "World of Warcraft Public Test" folder.

The arakkoa have gathered and harnessed the Apexis technology of their forebears, and now they are ready to unleash the focused power of the sun upon their enemies.
A build is like a mini patch.
Its where the devs activate new features and, put out bug fixes and the like.Patch.2: The Tomb of Sargeras brings with it a variety of new content and updates.Level 94-97 4 bosses Skyreach Atop the crowning pinnacle of the Spires of Arak, Skyreach stands as the seat of power of the Adherents of Rukhmar.The Shadow Council finds this holy place as an opportunity ripe for the picking, as Guldan and his minions work to gain favor with their demonic masters.You can't login without being at the latest build.Level 90-92 4 bosses Iron Docks On the northern coast of Gorgrond, the Iron Docks represent the heart of the Iron Hordes naval might.During this item level transition, the characters relative health remains the same.Blackwing Lair Razorgore the Untamed received a buff to increase his survivability.